How can I find out if you are holding my property?

Appointments are required for all property releases.

The best way to find property once it is lost or stolen is to have up-to-date records, pictures or video noting serial and model numbers, if available, or to place an "Owner Applied Number" on items that do not have a serial number. Unique numbers make identifying and matching items to the rightful owner more simple; however, if this information is not available, a detailed description could be helpful.

Before calling 904-247-6196 to inquire if the Property Room is holding your property, please have the following information available:

  • What is the property type and description?
  • What is the Serial Number or Owner Applied Number?
  • Where and When was the item lost or stolen?
  • Was the loss reported, and, if yes, what is the case number?
  • Did you receive a phone call or letter notifying you of the recovery?

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