Lifeguard Academy Important Dates

Pre-Qualification Exam Days

Applicants who have applied for the Ocean Rescue Lifeguard Position will be invited via Human Resources to attend the Lifeguard Academy Pre-Qualification Exam Day. This is required for anyone looking to be selected for entrance into the Jacksonville Beach Ocean Rescue Lifeguard Academy. 

The Pre-Qualification Exam Day consists of:

  • Perform a 550-yard freestyle swim in under 10 minutes.
  • Run a half-mile on the beach in under 4 minutes.
  • Successfully drag a Jacksonville Beach Lifeguard Tower 50-yards.

There are currently no scheduled Pre-Qualification Dates. Continue to check back for updated information and follow us on Instagram @jaxbeachlifeguard. 

Lifeguard Academy Classes

Candidates will be chosen for the Jacksonville Beach Lifeguard Academy based on their Pre-Qualification Exam performance, past training, and experience.

The Ocean Rescue Division will host Lifeguard Academy Courses in the spring and early summer. The Lifeguard Academy is an 80-hour course conducted on Saturdays and Sundays for four consecutive weeks. More detailed information will be provided during onboarding with the City of Jacksonville Beach and on the first day of the Lifeguard Academy Class.

There are currently no scheduled Lifeguard Academy classes. Continue to check back for updated information and follow us on Instagram @jaxbeachlifeguard. 

Dates and times of Pre-Qualification Exams and Ocean Rescue Lifeguard Academy Courses are subject to be changed, postponed, or canceled.