Private Provider Alternative Plan Review & Inspections

  1. Private Provider Registration

Private Provider Registration

  1. All Private Provider organizations must register with the City of Jacksonville Beach and shall be responsible for keeping their information continuously maintained.

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  4. NOTE: E-mail hosts for some webmail accounts (including but not limited to BELLSOUTH and/or AT&T) may block e-mails generated from the City Domain. If you experience issues or do not receive a response within 5 business days, please contact your service provider for assistance.  You may want to enter a secondary e-mail address hosted by a separate domain (provider).

  5. A screen print from the licensing authority is acceptable.

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  1. Private Provider Submittal Package
Documents required to be submitted with the building permit application package
  1. Notice to Building Official (NTBO) signed, sealed & notarized on the form published on the City’s website only. We will not accept any substitutions.
  2. Letter of Acceptance on company letterhead from private provider stating services provided to fee owner.
  3. List of Inspections to be completed by the private provider. Note: All inspection reports must be filled out completely and signed by private provider or duly authorized representative, to be accepted. 
  4. Private Provider Plan Compliance Affidavit, signed and notarized, unless private provider is only performing building inspections for project. 
  5. Private Provider must submit signed and sealed plans when required by the Florida Building Code and all required copies (sets) required for the type of construction or project being built.