Dumpster Enclosure Specifications

City of Jacksonville Beach 

Dumpster Enclosure Specifications

Sec. 34-425(b)(3)

Screening of dumpster/solid waste container areas. All solid waste containers, including, but not limited to, compactors and dumpsters, shall be located and designed so as not to be visible from the view of adjacent streets and properties. If screening is required to eliminate the visibility of a container from adjacent streets and properties, then the type of screening used shall be determined based on the proposed location of the solid waste container, existing site conditions, and the type and amount of existing vegetation on the site. All solid waste containers shall meet the following standards:

          a.All solid waste containers shall be enclosed so as not to be seen off-site and shall be enclosed with solid gate(s) to contain windblown litter.

          b.The enclosure shall be at least two (2) feet taller than the highest point of the trash containment device.

          c.The enclosure shall be made of a material that is opaque at time of installation and compatible with design of the principal building. The preferable material is masonry with solid metal gate(s); however, wood and other similar material may be used provided that interior bollards are installed to protect the enclosure from damage caused by unloading the solid waste container.

          d.All solid waste containers shall be placed on a concrete pad large enough to provide for both adequate support and positive drainage.

          e.The enclosure shall contain gate(s) to allow for access and security. Gates must be maintained in good working order.