Honorary Street Sign Program

The Honorary Street Sign Designation Program allows citizens the opportunity to honor deceased individuals who have made significant contributions to the Jacksonville Beach community either through civic involvement or cultural, humanitarian, historic or military achievement. Said contributions do not have to be financial in nature.

The Honoree must have resided in Jacksonville Beach during his/her lifetime, during which time he or she resided adjacent to the City street specified for dedication.

The City of Jacksonville Beach also offers a Street Sign Designation Program for Fallen Military Wartime Veterans. This program allows citizens to honor individuals who once resided in Jacksonville Beach and were Killed in Action during an official period of U.S. armed conflict. These signs are royal blue in color and list the rank of the individual as well as the top two medals awarded during their military career. 

For additional information on our guidelines, please refer to the Honorary Street Sign Application

Once your application is complete, please call 904-247-6236 or email recreation@jaxbchfl.net