South Beach Redevelopment District

In 1985, the City Council embarked on a mission to ensure that a largely unimproved 350-acre area in the southern end of the city would be developed in a way that would be a physical and economic asset to the community.

View South Beach Community Redevelopment Plan (PDF) and Map of the District (PDF).

The City and its Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) began working with private development partners to make sure the area grew according to a logical land-use plan with the full complement of modern public utilities and services.

Public-Private Partnerships

South Beach Redevelopment 1989 and PresentSince the approval of the South Beach Plan in 1987, the CRA has successfully completed six public-private redevelopment projects.

  • Ocean Cay - This single-family, 192-lot residential project involved public land assembly for private
    development of the site.
  • Paradise Key - A 62-lot single-family residential project.
  • Rip Tide - A 149-lot single-family residential project.
  • South Beach Mixed Use - A 63,000 square foot shopping center and 244-unit residential condominium.
  • South Beach Parkway Shopping Center - A 300,000 square foot commercial center.
  • South Beach Regional Shopping Center - Another 300,000 square foot shopping center.

Public Infrastructure Investments

Along with the private developments and public infrastructure associated with these six partnership agreements, the City and CRA have successfully implemented numerous standalone projects that have significantly enhanced the South Beach District and the City as a whole. Some of these projects are:

  • Ocean Terrace Water and SewerSouth Beach Park, Playground and Fire Station
  • Williams Coastal Boulevard Heights Water, Sewer, and Street Paving
  • Jacksonville Beach Heights Water, Sewer, and Street Paving
  • South Beach Park (Multiple Phases)
  • South Beach Fire Station Number 2 (Building and Site Development Only)
  • South Beach Community Center and Exhibition Hall (Building and Site Development Only)
  • South 9th Street/South Beach Parkway Roadway Improvements (with Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT))
  • Marsh Landing Parkway/South Beach Parkway Intersection Improvements
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements
  • South Beach Parkway Sidewalk (Jacksonville Drive to Butler Boulevard)

View 2011 South Beach Capital Improvement Plan (PDF).

Other South Beach Redevelopment Documents