Registration Hold

In order to obtain a Department of Motor Vehicles' release on your vehicle registration, you will need to make payment on all open parking citations to include late fees in cash or bank cashier's check at the following payment location:
Jacksonville Beach Police Department
101 Penman Road S
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

Office & Payment Hours

Monday through Thursday
8 am to 4:45 pm

8 am to Noon

F. S S 316.1967(6)

Vehicle Immobilization / Locking Device

An immobilization device could be placed on your vehicle if you have unpaid parking citations. The immobilization device, also known as a wheel lock or Boot, will be removed if payment of all citations, late fees, and the boot removal fee are paid within 24-hours of placement of the device. If the payment is not made within the time allotted the vehicle will be removed to an impound lot at the owner's expense.