Parking in Your Neighborhood

The City of Jacksonville Beach is committed to working with the community to address all parking issues. Please contact Parking Services about specific parking concerns in your neighborhood. Your concerns will be assigned and responded to quickly and efficiently.

When contacting Parking Services, leave a detailed description of the parking issue, including the following:

  • The exact location of the parking issue;
  • The usual time of day the parking problem is occurring;
  • A description of the vehicle/s involved; and
  • Your name and phone number. (This is a very important piece of the problem-solving process. Parking Enforcement Officers will investigate the concern and may need to call you back for more information.)

Parking Etiquette

  • Park 20 feet from a crosswalk, marked or unmarked.
  • Do not park on a sidewalk even if it crosses your driveway.
  • Do not obstruct traffic by parking in a bicycle lane, an alley or in any lane of traffic.
  • Do not park within an intersection.
  • When parallel parking, do not park facing traffic.
  • Use only one marked parking space when spaces are available.
  • Do not block driveways.
  • Do not park within 30 feet of a stop sign, because a driver may not see the sign and not stop causing a traffic crash.
  • Do not park in an area with a "No Parking" sign. These areas are zoned for your safety.
  • Do not park a vehicle "for sale" on the street.
  • Do not repair a vehicle on the street unless it is an emergency.

Recreational Vehicle Parking

Recreational vehicles, boats, boat trailers, motor homes, or other types of recreational vehicles may only be parked on a city street within a residential area for a reasonable amount of time for the sole purpose of loading and unloading.

Visitors parking motor homes within the city are subject to all traffic laws. Drivers should review the Parking Etiquette section of this page. Motor homes may park up to 60 hours. Visitors staying longer than 60 hours should contact Parking Services.


Camping in any vehicle parked on the street is prohibited.

Private Property

The Code Enforcement Division of the Planning and Development Department is committed to the effective enforcement of the City's codes and ordinances affecting the use and maintenance of private property throughout the City.