Traffic Unit 

About the Traffic Unit

The Traffic Unit was created to reduce traffic-related incidents making our community a safer place to drive, bike, walk and play.

The Traffic Unit accomplishes its goals by being proactive in enforcing traffic laws, conducting traffic surveys, and investigating traffic complaints and traffic crashes. Officers assigned to the unit work with the community to identify traffic problems throughout the city. As problems are identified the unit works with city planners to reduce or eliminate the problems whenever possible.

Traffic Officers use various pieces of equipment such as RADAR, in-car video systems, and other speed-measuring devices to track drivers' actions. They participate in  Driving Under the Influence (D.U.I.) checkpoints and Selective Traffic Enforcement Programs (S.T.E.P.) working to prevent crashes and gain driver compliance with traffic laws.

Traffic Homicide Unit (T.H.I.)

Traffic Unit Officers have special training that equips them with the knowledge to investigate serious or fatal crashes. Officers participate in continuing intense, technical coursework involving complex vehicle dynamics and crash reconstruction.