Residential Smoke Detector Program


This program is to help prevent fire fatalities by assisting residents in obtaining a smoke detector, checking the operation of smoke detectors, and educating them in the use of smoke detectors.

Working smoke detectors greatly reduce the likelihood of a residential fire fatality by providing occupants with early warning and giving them additional time to escape. Approximately 70% of home fire deaths resulted from fires in homes with no smoke detectors or did not have working smoke detectors. The Jacksonville Beach Fire Department is committed to preventing fire deaths in our city and performs the activities listed to reinforce that commitment.

Three Ways This Program Operates:

  • Biannually to coincide with the time change (Spring and Fall) each shift is assigned a neighborhood to go door to door checking smoke detectors, installing smoke detectors, and educating residents on the importance of smoke detectors. When shift members arrive at your door, please note that they will be in uniform.
  • Prior to Fire Personnel leaving a residence after a response, they will check the home to ensure it has a working smoke detector. If it does not, one will be installed.
  • Residents can call the fire station (247-6201) requesting a smoke detector or to have one checked to ensure it is operating properly.