Commercial Occupancy Fire Inspection


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All businesses with fire alarm and/or fire sprinkler systems are required to have a Knox Box installed so the Fire Department will have access to those systems in times of emergency. Building operators owners are required to provide (2) sets of keys to access doors where fire alarm and/or fire sprinkler systems are maintained. Model number 3200 is required. You can find more information and/or place your order at the KnoxBox website.


Jacksonville Beach, Florida Code of Ordinances. Please see Part II, Chapter 10 for Fire and Life Safety Codes.

Fire Sprinkler Requirements

Per Section 10-3.16.-Automatic fire sprinkler requirements:

The following supplemental automatic fire sprinkler requirements are adopted for the purpose of furthering the growth management goals, objectives, and policies of the Jacksonville Beach 2010 Comprehensive Plan Elements, adopted pursuant to the Local Government Comprehensive Planning and Land Development Regulation Act of 1985.

All new buildings or existing buildings incorporating new additions or expansions, except one or two-family dwellings, shall be equipped with a complete automatic sprinkler system:

  • Where the building is used as an educational, health care, ambulatory health care or residential board and care occupancy.
  • In all buildings over seven thousand (7,000) square feet of gross floor area of all floors combined.
  • In all buildings over four stories in height regardless of gross floor area.

The fire official may omit sprinkler heads in areas of buildings or structures as follows:

  • In areas containing electrical equipment or telephone equipment, not over one hundred (100) square feet in gross floor area.
  • In small compartmented areas such as closets not over twenty-four (24) square feet and bathrooms not over fifty-five (55) square feet, with limited or non-combustible material walls and ceilings that extend behind fixtures.

All automatic fire sprinkler systems shall be electronically supervised to detect water flow. Such supervision shall be at a location, approved by the fire official, constantly attended by a competent person trained and equipped to alert the fire department in the event of a water flow signal.