Ice Cream Truck Sales

Do you want to operate an ice cream truck within Jacksonville Beach?

Chapter 12, Article II, of the City of Jacksonville Beach Code of Ordinances permits the sale of ice cream and similar frozen food products from a properly equipped vehicle in compliance with all applicable ordinances, laws, and regulations governing the sale and handling of such products.


Please submit the following documentation to the City Clerk's Office:

  • Complete the application form, Sections 1, 2 (Numbers 1 to 6), and 3
  • Vehicle Inspection Form (each vehicle)
  • Photo identification
  • Valid Certificate of Insurance (each vehicle)
  • Health Certification
  • FL Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Food Safety Inspection Report
  • Payment to City of Jacksonville Beach - $79.20 (each vehicle) cash or check

For questions or assistance, please contact the Office of the City Clerk or call the office at 904-247-6250.