Ice Cream Truck Sales

Do you want to operate an ice cream truck within Jacksonville Beach?

The City of Jacksonville Beach Ordinance Number 2004-7872 (PDF) permits the sale of ice cream and similar frozen food products from a properly equipped vehicle in compliance with all applicable ordinances, laws, and regulations governing the sale and handling of such products.


Please submit the following documentation to the City Clerk's Office:

  • Complete the application form (PDF), Sections 1, 2 (Numbers 1 to 6), and 3
  • Vehicle Inspection Form (each vehicle)
  • Photo identification
  • Valid Certificate of Insurance (each vehicle)
  • Health Certification
  • FL Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Food Safety Inspection Report
  • Payment to City of Jacksonville Beach - $79.20 (each vehicle) cash or check

For questions or assistance, please contact the Office of the City Clerk or call the office at 904-247-6250.